Nike Game Growers

Not enough girls are playing sports. This needs to change.

What’s YOUR idea?

By the time they reach 8th grade, girls are 50% more likely to drop out of sports than boys, creating physical and social barriers that can last a lifetime. So, Nike is teaming up with WNBA and NBA teams to identify 7th and 8th grade girls who want to help grow sports for girls in their community. The Memphis Grizzlies will select two girls as “Game Growers” and empower them to use their voice and share their bold ideas.

“Our game plan is to create a safe space for girls to try their best, fail, and still have the opportunity to play without being judged. Girls will be able to gain more information on different sports. Also, girls will have a support system from other girls, and will feel comfortable doing the sports they dream of doing.” - Eniyia & Akayla, Season 1 Game Growers

Game Growers Photo